Cherokee County hospital undergoing $1M renovation


    Changes to the only hospital in Cherokee County will make it easier for residents to get the help they need in their own community.

    The Floyd Cherokee County Medical Center is undergoing a $1 million renovation.

    "I work with child daycare and it's very important to me that I can receive care for our children that are in our program within 10 minutes as opposed to a 35 or 40 minute ride to go and get care somewhere else," Mary Davis, a Cherokee County resident said.

    The hospital is working on renovating its emergency room. The space is gutted out, but will be replaced with newer equipment.

    "We'll have seven treatment rooms, a triage area, an expanded waiting room, and a larger space for the nurses and doctors to take care of patients," Brandon Reece, hospital administrator said.

    In the past, patients involved in accidents had to be flown elsewhere because the hospital didn't have the services necessary to treat them.

    Now that's changed. Hospital staff say patients may also see a reduced cost, something that may help those who are on a fixed income.

    "They don't have the funds to just jump in the car and drive to Rome, Georgia, or drive over to Gadsden. They're both 30 miles away," Reece explained. "The idea is, get the care delivered locally so that you don't have to leave your hometown."

    The hospital has started a fundraiser to help with the cost of the renovations. They hope to have construction completed by April.

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