Cedar Bluff man jailed on attempted murder charge


    A Cedar Bluff man is facing charges of attempted murder and 1st degree theft of property after turning himself in Tuesday afternoon.

    According to the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, authorities received a call for a shooting at home north of Cedar Bluff. Cedar Bluff Police Chief Steve Walden arrived in the area first and saw a white Ford F-150 leave the home at a high speed headed for the state line on Hwy 9. While Chief Walden began a pursuit, he lost sight of the suspect on Hwy 35.

    Georgia authorities were alerted to the incident and began searching for the truck as well. The suspected shooter, Billy Wayne Trammell, had stolen the truck, according to authorities.

    The truck was later located by Cherokee County investigators off County Road 773. Trammell was not in the truck and believed to be on foot in area and armed. After searching the area for several hours authorities called off the search.

    Tuesday afternoon, a member of Trammell's family contacted the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office to speak about Billy turning himself in. Trammell later arrived at the sheriff's office and was taken into custody. He is being held without bond.

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