Chicken eggs play important role in breakthrough disease research

(AP Photo)

New research done by Japanese scientists shows a possible breakthrough for the treatment of some deadly diseases.

The new treatment involves...chicken eggs.

Scientists say they could possibly use them to treat cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and hepatitis, according to a report in The Japan News.

They say the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Osaka has succeeded in making hens lay eggs containing a pharmaceutical agent that can be used to treat the diseases.

Deanda Baker UAB student says it sounds cool and resourceful.

"It's not like hens are going to stop laying eggs," said Baker.

The report says the procedure makes Interferon Beta, a type of protein associated with the immune system.

Just a few micro-grams of the substance can cost thousands of dollars. But if all goes to plan, the company will be able to sell the drug at more than a 90% reduced rate compared to today's costs.

"That would be good cause some people cant afford it," said Baker.

The report says the scientists would be able to achieve the low-cost alternative by producing the protein at a higher volume per egg.

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