Chilly overnight lows change I-20/59 repaving schedule in Tuscaloosa County

Stoney Sharp reports.

Chilly overnight lows are changing a repaving schedule in Tuscaloosa County.

ALDOT will resurface a 14 mile stretch of I-20/59 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. this week.

Crews believe the warmer daytime temperatures will give the asphalt a stronger hold.

Motorist should expect delays from exit 86 outside of Vance to the Jefferson County line.

ALDOT recently widened a stretch of interstate nearby.

Commuters tell ABC 33/40 News they have construction fatigue, but understand the overall goal.

"This area has grown so fast since we moved here a little over 10 years ago," motorist Ginger McGuffie explained. "The roads up here are going to have to get wider because there's no room for the trucks to get by."

ALDOT said the repaving will wrap up this fall.

Then, work will begin on the new interstate bridge in Tuscaloosa at the intersection of McFarland Boulevard.

Construction on the bridge is expected to start in late December and take up to three years to complete.

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