Chilton County voters say 'yes' to dangerous dog amendment

Tuesday, Chilton County voters said to the dangerous dog amendment. (MGN)

On Thanksgiving Eve 2015, Pastor Allen Foster took a new route on his daily jog. While running, he heard dogs barking in the distance. The next thing he knew, he was being attacked by three dogs. To this day, he still has the physical—and mental—scars.

"I still jog, and if I hear a dog in the background barking, man, it really gets my attention," Foster said. "Right after it happened, I woke up and my wife said 'What is the matter with you?' I was really upset, and I said I cannot get them off of me, and I could still smell them."

Foster was one of the over 8,000 Chilton County voters who voted in favor of the Chilton County Dangerous Dog Amendment. He said he was glad to play a small part in making sure people take more responsibility when it comes to their dogs.

During the last legislative session, the legislature passed a dangerous dog bill for the county. Tuesday night's 'yes' vote allows the county to collect the fines if a dog that has been deemed dangerous attacks someone. Vice Chair of the Chilton County Commission, Jimmie Hardee said over the past couple of years, he and others have heard people asking something be done regarding dangerous dogs. Hardee said the county took a big step forward Tuesday night to make it even safer for all who live there.

"This is not a leash law," Commissioner Hardee said. "This is a dangerous dog bill that if your dog is dangerous, you need to be held accountable. It is not a dog problem. It is a people problem."

Hardee said the next step for the county is to hire an animal control officer for the county that is APOST certified to oversee this law.

To view the bill passed in the session, please visit here.

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