Chris Rock has a request for concert-goers: lock-up your cellphones!

Chris Rock has a request for concert-goers: lock-up your cellphones with the Yondr pouch!

What better way to enjoy a weekend than hanging with friends, enjoying a concert or checking out a comedy show? Chris rock will be at the BJCC this week. The comedian has a request If you're planning to go: lock up your cellphone!

Practically everyone, these days, has cell phones. Many of us love to use the camera on our cellphones to capture memories and good moments in life. It's the reason Chris Rock wants you to put your phone over yonder

Fans of Chris Rock, headed to his 'Total Blackout Tour' Friday, need to expect a lockout.

"I think it is a good idea to limit people's interactions with the outside world and their ability to record in certain venues," said Patrick Guaschino.

Guaschino is familiar with Yondr. It's a pouch designed to hold cellphones and lock them inside until an authorized person unlocks it.

Promoters for Rock's comedy tour informed the BJCC all people attending must cooperate.

"I think it is good to be able to be present for an experience. I mean that is why you're going out to live shows any way," added Guaschino.

A BJCC spokeswoman tells ABC 33/40 the request is the venue's first and she expects to get more.

"I don't think it is a bad idea. I think it allows you to have more focus on the person you came to see. It takes away the distraction because your phone is definitely a distraction," said Ryan Jones.

Jones is a fan. It appears more artists, like Alicia Keys and Louis C.K., are getting on board.

"Well, they are losing control of their constitutional rights to reproduce and distribute their copyrights," said entertainment lawyer Lawrence Johnson.

Ticket prices can reach into the hundreds,

Is it fair?

"The average person who buys a ticket is giving away their right to do that via contract., Whether it is fair or not, they appear to be agreeing to it," added Johnson.

Yondr reps know people are concerned about safety, or getting calls from the babysitter or family in case of emergency. Reps will be in the halls to wave a wand over the pouch to open for use in the hallway. The amphithetaters in Pelham and Tuscaloosa have yet to use Yondr.

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