Cullman receives $14M grant for 'lifesaving' roadwork, mayor says

A $14,000,000 road project in Cullman could fix roads and cut times for emergency responders driving in traffic as rush a patient to the hospital. (

A big federal grant means a highway widening project in Cullman will go forward.

The Department of Transportation awarded the city of Cullman $14,000,000, according to the Mayor.

That money will go toward widening a busy stretch of Highway 157.

Cullman leaders told ABC 33/40 they are very excited to land this grant and here’s why. Lanes will expand from two lanes to four lanes on a 3.5 mile stretch of Highway 157.

As of now city officials estimate 15,000 drivers travel the highway daily in the growing area.

The widening project will start next year.

The highway will be widened just east of Highway 31 to just beyond Cullman Regional Hospital.

Mayor Woody Jacobs emphasizes that the project will do two things: enhance the overall safety of drivers and give first responders a clearer path to the hospital. He says while the hope is to bring more jobs along this corridor of road it is most important to ensure no delays when someone's life is on the line.

Mayor Jacobs told ABC 33/40, "And that’s the times we get worried, because its a single lane road to the hospital. It's delivering federal dollars into jobs and quality of life. That's what this project is going to be able to accomplish."

The roadwork must be completed by 2025 to adhere to grant stipulations, says the Mayor.

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