Coaching up the coach: Youth sports player safety plan to be revealed

    Kaylee wraps her arm around her younger brother Ty after a game. The siblings grew up playing sports in Vestavia Hills where youth athletes could soon benefit from a new citywide player safety system for coaches.

    Parents of young athletes will soon learn more about a plan to keep their children safe on the field, court, or any sporting arena in Vestavia Hills.

    The gameplan isn't about the X's and the O's: it's about looking out for the Jenny's and Joe's.

    On Monday night the Vestavia Hills City Council will consider an ordinance called the Coach Safety Act.

    ABC 33/40 sat down with a family who has children who grew up playing sports.

    The high schooler and parents ABC 33/40 talked to say it's what youth sports need.

    With a high school state championship ring on her hand Kaylee Dressback says she has been eating, sleeping and breathing soccer for as long as she can remember.

    "Let's see I've played soccer my whole life," the high school sophomore says. "But when you are little and got hit in the head (you're told) you'd be fine. They'd rub some magic grass on it and you'd be fine."

    Back then, Kaylee's coaches didn't take player safety classes.

    Soon, the city of Vestavia Hills will introduce a strategy to make sure all youth sports coaches will.

    Her mother Lauren Dressback says,"I think it's a good thing. Any training that people can get on injury prevention is a positive."

    The coach safety act coaches up the coach on injury training recognition and prevention of concussions, over-heating and much more.

    A notion her mom likes even if it bucks age-old parenting trends.

    "It's hard because you do want them to be tough. You want them to say it'll be fine," Lauren told ABC 33/40.

    With a brother Ty playing lacrosse her dad, Shane Dressback, is a fan as well.

    "It's a balance. You want them to be tough but there can be some long-term implications of damages to the brain and damages to the body," he says.

    The CoachSafely Foundation plans to work with the city to offer no-cost training for VH Parks and Recreation teams and activities.

    The plan will be presented to the council in partnership with the parks and rec department Monday at 6 P.M.

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