COLD CASE: Northport teen's murder not random, authorities believe

Scotty Cockrell (Courtesy of the Cockrell Family)

Twelve years ago on June 22nd, Scotty Cockrell, 17, was shot and killed inside his Northport home. Since then, his case has gone cold.

Scotty's older sister, Leigh Brand, said he was murdered in his sleep. Brand said the family knows virtually nothing about why it happened.

Brand said her brother loved life and was usually on his skateboard. She told ABC 33/40 family members relive the same pain they felt 12 years ago every day.

"A young teenager who wasn't involved in anything illicit we know of, was planning on spending the day at the lake with his friends," Violent Crimes Unit Captain Kip Hart said.

Friends found the carport door at the Cockrell home kicked in, and investigators believe the 17 year-old was targeted, but it's nearly impossible to say why.

"We're pretty sure this isn't some random house burglary or theft," Hart said, "But for whatever reason, these people went there specifically to murder Scotty."

One of the few leads was a white Ford Escort with Jefferson County tags spotted nearby. Witnesses reported four people were seen in the car several times in the days leading up to the murder.

Despite more tips coming in over the last few years, there was never a break in the case.

The Cockrell family said they want Scotty's case to remain on the public's mind. Investigators are asking anyone with a tip to come forward.

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