Community upset over possible Aliceville Middle School closure


A community meeting Monday night had parents in Pickens County worried the school system could be closing their only middle school.

Superintendent Jamie Chapman told ABC 33/40 the community meeting happens every year. He said they'd be taking a closer look at each school in the district.

"We can't let this go by. We need to find out what really is going on," Aliceville Councilman Thomas Wilkins said.

City Council members said they've been left in the dark about the meeting agenda. Wilkins' said he'd be asking the board for transparency.

"We just don't want this middle school shut down, we want to know what's going on first. Then we'll go from there. Instead of hearing rumors, everybody just needs to come tonight."

Another council member said closing the middle school would mean splitting those grades between the elementary and high school. He said they don't have enough teachers to do it and don't have the money to open a new school system.

Aliceville Middle School Parent Kelvin Woods said he'd be attending the meeting. Woods said his biggest concern was making sure his kids are getting an education, regardless of the district's decision.

"I just hope it doesn't affect the kids' learning ability. I hope everybody gets the chance to learn, and hope everybody will be okay and it won't affect the children from learning."

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