Contractor accused of defrauding storm victims indicted on new charges in Cullman County

    Amber McCrory was arrested and booked into the Cullman County jail last week after she was indicted on new charges of defrauding storm victims. (Stephen Quinn |

    An Opelika woman accused of defrauding storm victims of thousands of dollars in Southside was arrested last week after she was indicted on similar charges in Cullman County.

    Amber McCrory was indicted by a grand jury in August on charges of 1st degree theft of property and home repair fraud. McCrory was arrested last week in Opelika and was transported to Cullman County. McCrory was released on a $10,000 bond.

    The indictment claims McCrory entered into a fraudulent contract with a local business. Cullman County suffered significant hail damage during March's severe storms.

    In June, McCrory was charged in Etowah County with two felony counts of theft by deception and two misdemeanor counts of home repair fraud. She was released later that day on a $12,000 bond.

    McCrory took $4,300 and $4,900 respectively in down payments from two Southside residents according to Sgt. Jay Freeman. In one case, the Southside Police Department said no work was done.

    McCrory's Cam Contracting is based in Opelika. Multiple residents in Lee County, where Opelika is located, contacted Southside Police claiming similar experiences said Freeman.

    The other case involved Alexa Casey. Casey said she entered a $15,000 contract with McCrory's Cam Contracting for debris removal and repairs to her house. Casey said a fallen tree in her backyard was simply moved to the front yard. Fence repairs were repeatedly rescheduled.

    “These red flags kind of kept popping up and so we told her, ‘Look we’ll give you the money for the tree but we want the rest of it back.' We were trying to do the right thing. Pay her for what she’d done.”

    Casey said it was not long after that is when McCrory stopped responded to her calls and texts messages.

    “You feel like you got your hands tied when someone takes your money and won’t respond to you and makes you go to these lengths to get it back. You know?”

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