Could fallout shelters return? North Korean tensions bring memories back

A fallout shelter sign is on the Birmingham City Hall building.

President Trump's comments on north korea, have people wondering-- what's next for the world....

And whether nuclear war is a legitimate possibility.

Many people may remember the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis and The Cold War.

But, if there "is" a nuclear attack on the United States would you know where to go-- where to find it-- and "even" what it's called.

One millennial did and of course the baby boomer knew what a fallout shelter is...but the other has no clue a sign at Birmingham City Hall is even here.

Two words are now relevant again 25 years after the end of the Cold War: fallout shelter. People we spoke to in Downtown Birmingham shared how they felt about the President's latest statement. One man said, "I'm actually texting about it right now."

While Forest Collins is aware of the tension, does he know much about fallout shelters? Forest Collins told ABC 33/40 NEWS, "Oh no, no I do not." He's not unlike many in his generation who never grew up with the fear of nuclear war.

60-year old Vietnam War Veteran Jenny Montgomery did. Montgomery explained, "I think it's more scarier now than it was when I was little." She remembered the drill as a little girl during elementary school in the 1960's. "They taught you to put your head on the seat," said Montgomery. "Like that is going to help."

Montgomery felt, like a much younger millennial, having a hiding spot may be necessary. "Fallout shelters could be a good idea," said Montgomery. Forest thought the same. "Especially with everything that is going on with North Korea it may be safe to look into a fallout shelter," said Collins.

Whether these signs remain a blurry memory or come into focus only time will tell.

Most of the fallout shelters in the past were primarily in the basement at Birmingham City Hall.

Gadsden has a fallout shelter in the Federal Building on Broad Street. St. Clair County has one in Pell City with signage, the other in Ashville does not have signage but the St. Clair County EMA told ABC 33/40 NEWS it can serve as one if needed.

The Calhoun County and Blount County EMA did not identify any locations for fallout shelters.

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