Cullman woman stomps out car windshield, arrested for disorderly conduct

Officers arrested Barbara Lowery on a charge of disorderly conduct. (Mug shot: Cullman County Police Department; Video/background: Scott Sams)

It's a video that brings back memories of Carrie Underwood bringing out the Louisville Slugger, smashing out head lights. In this case it started with a shovel to the windshield.

We were able to get Barbara Lowery, the woman behind the smashing on the phone.

“I prayed about it first, and I slept on it, and I decided it wasn't a good idea. Then I saw a shovel,” Lowery said.

But she wouldn't say what made her do it. A source that chose to remain anonymous tells us, this was a love triangle situation gone wrong. Really wrong.

“I did not have to, just wanted to,” Lowery said.

“It's not every day you see something like that,” said the person filming.

Some might say maybe next time he'll think before he cheats. In fact, our source tells us the person this happened to was not cheating and the two were just friends, or so he thought.

“Well I’m not trying to give his personal business out like that,” said Lowery.

“She's having fun, she's dancing,” said the person while filming the scene.

But this wasn't just fun and games, some serious damage was caused here: a smashed up dash, windshield and Sharpie to the paint - landing Barbara Lowery in the Cullman County jail. Lowery was arrested on the charge of disorderly conduct.

The business also placed a trespassing warning so Lowery cannot come back onto property.

“I already knew going into it that I would have to face some consequences, and you know it kind of sucks, but like I said I prayed about it and stuff, and I did it anyway,” Lowery said.

ABC 33/40’s Andrew Donley asked, “If you had to go back and do it again would you have changed anything would you have still done it?”

Lowery said, “I don't think enough time has lapsed for me to answer that question.”

Cullman police responded to a call at around 11 a.m. on May 1st about a woman vandalizing a car outside Badcock Furniture on Cherokee Avenue SW.

Officers spoke to the woman, Barbara Lowery, who admitted to damaging the car. Officers arrested Lowery on a charge of disorderly conduct, but the owner of the car may also decide to file a criminal mischief warrant.

Badcock Furniture issued a trespass warning against Lowery to prevent her from returning to the property.

The police chief says video evidence shows a shovel beside the vehicle with which Lowery used to beat the car. Lowery said the shovel was not "doing the job," so she climbed on top to stomp out the windshield.

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