Dead dog dragged behind ALDOT work truck (Warning Graphic Images)

Dead dog dragged behind ALDOT work truck

Story Updated 5:42 PM

ALDOT'S official press release:

"On Monday, September 18 one of our crews did run upon a dead dog on the interstate. The disposal of that dog is being investigated and the appropriate action will be taken once the investigation is complete.

We regret the animal was disposed of in this manner and are taking steps to prevent further occurrences of this nature."


ALDOT confirmed one of their work vehicles dragged a dead dog behind it on the interstate Monday tied to the truck hitch.

An ALDOT representative put out an early statement saying "This is unacceptable and can assure you that appropriate action will be taken. We very much apologize," said ALDOT public information officer Linda Crockett.

Representatives say crews are in charge of road kill removal but did not know why the dog was being dragged.

We're told a more thorough statement will be released soon.

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