Doug Jones keeps eyes on the prize; doesn't directly respond to growing number of accusers

Doug Jones speaks to a crowd of people the same day the number of accusers against Roy Moore rises.

Doug Jones spoke briefly about the mounting allegations against Judge Roy Moore on Wednesday night.

Jones said he doesn't have to respond. He said his opponent has his hands full.

All he wants to do, is worry about winning an election. Jones told a gaggle of reporters, "No response that I need to make. That's not an issue for me, we're staying in our lane. We're focusing on our issues, it's a problem that he is going to have to deal with."

Jones said he's letting Moore implode on his own. He walked into a room to a planned women's action group then said this before the news conference with TV news crews to say this: "We're gonna make this happen now.."

He did not commenting directly on the growing amount of accusers, against his republican opponent. "We will make comments. We will have to respond. It's part of a campaign. Our issues are what we think are going on for the people of this state," explained Jones.

But explained he believes the words of the accusers. "It seems to me that the statements by the women up in Etowah County have much more credibility than the denials by Roy Moore himself or his handlers," said Jones.

Less than a week after underage sexual misconduct allegations against Moore surfaced. A new Republican Senatorial Committee poll no longer favor its' own party candidate. But the Democratic Nomineed isn't paying attention it. "I have said consistently, that we don't really worry about polls," said Jones. "We worry about the people of this state."

Jones made a college football playoff analogy.

He said the only poll that matters for him, is what happens on December 12th at the polls.

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