Dry chemicals found in Old Ensley high school building

(Photo by Abandoned Southeast) A viewer sent ABC 33/40 multiple photos of dried chemicals left inside the old Ensley High School building that was closed in 2004.

Abandoned chemicals have been left behind in the old Ensley High School building that was closed in 2004.

A viewer who went on to the property on their own accord, took the photos. When ABC 33/40 found out we reached out to the Birmingham Board of Education to let them know.

We captured video of board members, including Interim Superintendent Dr. Larry Contri, walking into the building to learn if it was true.

After searching school grounds, Spokesperson Chanda Temple released a statement: "During the visit, they found the building’s doors locked. After entering the building, the group surveyed all of the classrooms. While surveying a science lab, 15 to 20 small bottles of dry chemicals were found in sealed containers. These chemicals are what would typically be found in a high school science lab. Arrangements are being made to remove the chemicals on Wednesday, April 19. Once the chemicals have been removed, they will be disposed, based on system policy and procedure."

Temple told ABC 33/40 a former employee from the school said all hazardous chemicals were removed from the building. Ammonium chloride is seen in one photo which is highly flammable if combined with ammonium nitrate and pottassium chlorate.

ABC 33/40 has not been able to independently confirm whether the chemicals are dangerous.

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