Duck River Reservoir seeing success, but its true potential is untapped

A view onto the 650-acre lake from rocks.

Saturday afternoon, trucks hauling boats lined the parking lot of one of the boat launches at the Duck River Reservoir. Back in January 2017, the reservoir was officially completed and since then, it is has enjoyed success in terms of the recreation options it offers such as boating, fishing and hiking.

"We have already been hearing from people who have come from all over the state who are already riding the trails," Susan Eller from the Cullman Economic Development Agency said. "We opened about 13 miles of trail originally, and when those trails opened, we had people coming from all over the state to ride the trails. When you have those people coming in from all over, some of them stay in our hotels, buy gas, eating meals. Day to day, we should see some boost there, but when you have events, it should make an even greater economic impact on the community."

Eller said in the future, the city hopes to hold events at the reservoir such as mountain bike races and more.

Currently, work is being done to add a seven-mile pipeline at the reservoir. Once that and a pump station are completed in late-2019, early 2020, the reservoir will be used for its true purpose: being an additional water source for the City of Cullman. Eller said the reservoir would provide 32 million gallons of water day, as well as being able to serve all independent water systems in the county and parts of surrounding counties.

Eller added that the reservoir is hoped to be a water source for the community for the next 75 to 100 years.

"I think it seals our future," Eller said. "It is definitely a jewel in the crown of Cullman, It is something we have been working on for a long time, and it is really awesome to see it complete;"

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