Emergency agencies prepare for possible snow across Central Alabama

Snow trucks prepare for weekend weather as people wait and wonder if snow will fall in Central Alabama.

If you've lived any time at all in the South, you know all it takes is a mention of snow to move people to action!

"I need to go to the store and was just thinking about where I need to go on Friday," said Lauren Miele.

It's the talk of the town, as many wait and wonder if snow will fall in Central Alabama.

"I'm concerned, but in cases like this there's nothing you can do about it, but get prepared. So I guess I'll pull out my long johns, heavy coat and I'll be ready when it comes," said George Chavous.

The Alabama Department of Transportation spent Wednesday morning checking materials and prepping trucks.

"We have a good idea of what we need on hand in case of any significant event," said William McDaniel, Operations Engineer for ALDOT.

McDaniel says over the next few hours they will be monitoring the forecast closely and will be ready to move. Alabamians are all too familiar with the wait-and-see advice.

"...I'm heading to find some wood so I can burn the fireplace," said Chavous.

"[We'll] probably play it by ear and see how it goes. The weather down here tends to change its mind so," said Miele.

McDaniel says if snow falls, the best advice is to stay off the road. That allows crews to respond more quickly.


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