EXCLUSIVE: Search for missing Veteran with mental illness continues

    Exclusive look into search for missing veteran (Courtesy: ABC 33/40 Patrick Thomas and Carbon Hill Police)

    Investigators in Walker County are still looking for a missing veteran, who hasn't been heard from in a month.

    ABC 33/40 was the only station in Carbon Hill as search crews used a cadaver dog to look for Ron Humbers.

    The police chief says it's given people in the area an uneasy feeling ever when he first learned Humbers was missing.

    No one in Carbon Hill has seen or talked to Humbers since his neighbor Jerry Tackett, who lives right across the street, did on January 3rd.

    Tackett is the same neighbor who told ABC 33/40 the reason for the concern is that Humbers suffers from a mental illness and is without his medication.

    “I’m afraid they won’t find him. I am afraid the man is dead. He’s never done this before in 3 years. ” Tackett says.

    ABC 33/40 cameras captured a search crew, lead by a cadaver dog, comb through nearly 20 acres of property behind his home.

    Crews also used a drone to get a new perspective on the area they were searching.

    Tackett says Humbers always had a tendency to wander from his home.

    ”When he took his medicine he was a good man. He would just go off,” Tackett says.

    Carbon Hill Police Chief Eric House, who was part of the search party, says he got to know Humbers too.

    ”He was a good guy. He liked to go for walks. But he could get so disoriented that he didn’t know who he was. I’ve seen him like that,” the chief says.

    The chief says he knew something wasn’t right when Humbers' sister reported him missing.

    “This is out of character. Even for the neighbors, even for the friends we talked to, this is out of character.”

    Chief House told ABC 33/40 wants to subpoena any financial statements from Humbers' bank on Monday in hopes it will help the investigation.

    If you have any information that can help the investigation please call 205-924-4411.

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