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Fad diets trending on social media get a thumbs down from experts

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Losing weight remains a top New Year's resolution. You may be tempted by what's trending on social media like the all meat Lion Diet. Experts warn there is a downside that in some cases could be dangerous to your health.

The Lion Diet is trending on TikTok. It's considered a more extreme form of the Carnivore Diet with only meat, salt and water on the menu. Then, after a few weeks you slowly reintroduce other foods to determine which ones trigger issues.

It's promoted as an elimination diet to heal the gut. Videos online claim the diet also helps with fatigue, depression, headaches, allergies and insomnia.

"It's overly simplified and gaining traction; there is some merit to it," remarked trainer Greg McCoy with Hidden Gym.

McCoy says in the short term lean meats can help you lose weight and getting rid of inflammatory foods can improve gut health but there are concerns.

"It's far outweighed by the downside of not eating fruits and vegetables," warns McCoy. "Your body is losing valuable vitamins, minerals and fiber which are important to prevent cancer."

"The reason we don't recommend fad diets is once you go off them, you're going to gain all the weight back," explains Dr. David Fieno with Heart South in Alabaster. He's lost 65 pounds over the past few years with steady changes in diet.

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"The biggest change is what I did everyday. There is nothing fad about it," said Dr. Fieno.

He recommends the more extreme the diet the greater the need for a cardiologist and dietician to be involved.

"You want to keep tabs on what the changes do to your body like electrolytes, sodium, potassium, and calcium levels, For a given individual it can be particularly dangerous," remarks Dr. Fieno.

Experts say any weight loss plan needs to factor in more exercise.

"Consistency is more important than an epic work out," advises Mccoy.

And while we may start with good intentions in the new year, McCoy says at some point that will fade away and you need to have disciplined habits in place.

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It's suggested you strength train twice a week and do cardio for an hour to an hour and a half a week.

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