Bubbling mystery: What 'lies' beneath Alabama lake?

(Video courtesy of Donya Briggs Scott)

Theories are rippling across the internet about what’s going on at Lay Lake. A viral video made waves on Facebook, showing an eruption supposedly coming from beneath the waters surface at the lake.

So ABC 33/40's Andrew Donley hopped in a boat to dive into the bubbling mystery and bring facts to the surface.

ABC 33/40 shared the video with boaters David Miller and his mother Aloma who believe it's a whirlpool.

Facebook users also threw their hat into the reckoning ring, with guesses including a whale, a volcano sink hole, and alligators.

But the only wildlife Donley came into contact with had feathers, not scales.

While most of the Facebook commenters share Mr. Millers' hypothesis, it's still an unlikely least locally.

“I’ve never seen that here,” said Mr. Miller.

That’s because it didn’t happen at Lay Lake. The person who posted the now-viral video stole it, according to the original poster, Donya Briggs Scott.

Scott witnessed the eruption on Pickwick Lake, which is about 130 miles away from Lay Lake on the Tennessee River.

But because people don’t know that, they're writing off a visit to Lay Lake out of worry.

“That’s scaring my kids...just because [someone wants to do something] that’s not right,” said David Miller.

“You know, people do a lot of things for attention and it is strange.” said Aloma Miller.

As far as what this could be, the Tennessee Riverkeeper says it’s likely not a whale, gators or volcanic activity.

“This discharge is likely coming from one of the larger facilities in West Alabama. And we cannot comment on whether that discharge is either treated water or raw pollution without taking a sample, but it’s very likely that the Alabama Department of Environmental Management has permitted this outfall or discharge to enter the Tennessee River." said Tennessee Riverkeeper David Whiteside.

The Riverkeeper says they are going to be running some tests. ABC 33/40 will let you know if they find anything out of the ordinary.

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