Family: Downtown Tuscaloosa assault victim will die from injuries

Stoney Sharp reports.

David Milligan will not survive his injuries following what family described as an assault in Downtown Tuscaloosa.

"His son is going to be turning two on the same day we have to bury his father. He was an excellent husband. He took such good care of his family. He worked so hard," Emily Milligan explained.

David loved spending weekends at home with his 2-year-old son and stepdaughter. That's what haunts his wife, Emily, about this past weekend.

Emily took her son to see family in Orange Beach, Alabama. David couldn't get off work, so he stayed behind to plan his son's upcoming birthday party and watch the Alabama game in Tuscaloosa with a friend.

"I told him be careful. Be careful out there. I tried calling him a little bit later and he didn't answer his phone," his wife said.

2:30 a.m. Sunday morning, Emily believes David lost his friend near the intersection of Greensboro Avenue and University Boulevard in downtown.

"David had turned around to go look for him. During that time, these gentlemen had pulled up in a car. I don't know if there was an argument or not, but they jumped out of the car and started assaulting his friend. David just came around the corner. He didn't see it coming and they just jumped on him. They hit him one time," Emily Milligan said.

According to Emily, most of the damage to David's head resulted from the fall after he was struck. The Milligan Family plans to turn off David's life support Tuesday. His organs will be donated.

"A 2-year-old child lost his father and I lost my husband when I was supposed to have many more years with him," she added.

David Milligan was an active member of the National Guard.

Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide has not released details about potential suspects. Investigators are asking witnesses to contact them about the case at 205-464-8690.

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