Fayette County leaders seek federal grant to fix road


    People living and working in a Fayette County community are dealing with bad road conditions. They have been trying for decades to fix Hillside Drive, but County leaders said the fix will come at a large cost.

    Rayvon Agnew worried the road slows down business.

    "The roads are so bad, the customers complain about their tires. I've had several people bust tires coming up the road," Agnew said.

    Water pipes burst constantly, according to residents, they flood the road and destroy the paving. County crews patched potholes to help, but it was largely ineffective.

    "If it was their road, I just wonder what they would do. But since we're in this neighborhood here, I guess we're forgotten," Agnew said, "We just pay taxes and that's it."

    After years of living with the problem daily, Agnew and his neighbors looked at County leaders for answers.

    "It's been an ongoing problem," District Six Commissioner John Underwood said.

    Underwood said the pipes must be fixed before the road is paved. However, a Federal grant application was denied last year.

    "I am one of six commissioners. If the other five were sitting here, they'd probably have the same story to tell you about some of their roads," Underwood said.

    Underwood said the County will have to get Federal funding to fix the road. The commission planned to work with the water systems company to apply for a grant in the Spring.

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