FBI warning about dangerous levels of bacteria from urine in counterfeit cosmetics.

Bacteria from urine in cosmetics

The FBI is warning consumers about dangerous ingredients in counterfeit cosmetics and anti-aging products coming into the United States.

The ingredients are known carcinogens like Arsenic and dangerous bacteria.

The FBI warning also says some of these products contain high levels of aluminum and dangerous levels of bacteria from sources such as urine.

"I mean that's appalling," Consumer Jan Paine said.

But David Smitherman with the Better Business Bureau of Central Alabama says it happens.

"These are the kinds of things that people need to really stop and think before they press that button to order these materials," Smitherman said.

The FBI says online shopping is one of the leading causes to these products made overseas making their way into the United States.

"Some of these ads are click baiting ads on social media, they look very enticing, it draws you into it," Smitherman said.

We stopped by a local beauty salon to find out if any of the ladies had tried foreign products.

We met Donna Wolk, who says she almost fell victim.

"I was on Facebook and I clicked on an ad that said do this simple thing, miracle cream and it had before and after pictures and it had a celebrity in the photograph," Wolk said.

She started filling out the form but wised up.

"So I got out of it, well immediately my phone rang, from someone from a foreign country," Wolk said.

She was hounded for days by this "supposed" company selling skin care from out of the country.

It was appealing to Wolk, like many people looking for a miracle product.

"Well anything with wrinkles you know we want to get rid of those, something simple," Wolk said.

But like Jan Paine who stopped into the salon to pick up an American sold product knows , if it sounds too good to be true.

"It is definitely, so you have to do your homework sometimes," Paine said.

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