WATCH: Fire breaks out at Saint Clair Co HS press box; game moved to Moody HS

Saint Clair Co HS Press Box (photo from Terri Elkins)

Tonight's game between Munford High School and Saint Clair County High School is being moved to Moody due to a fire at the press box at Saint Clair Co HS.

It's been a long, tough, and hard year for the St. Clair County Saints and now they are having to play their games away from their home stadium.

Marlie whorton is a senior cheerleadder who says, "They are really bummed out because a lot of them are wanting to play their last games at the field but they will not be able to."

A fire burned up and destroyed the stadium's press box Friday morning.

Now, players, fans, and cheerleaders, like seniors Ally Eubanks, are having to use the field at Moody High School.

"We were all bummed out about it because next week is our homecoming," Eubanks says.

Now they'll play homecoming on someone else's home field.

It's not how Eubanks says these boys of fall should be finishing the season.

"We didn't know the last home game we had, which was like three weeks ago, was going to be the last home game that we ever cheered," Eubanks says.

Even though "home" is somewhere else now, you'd never know it by the fans in the stands.

"We are just trying to have fun for our senior year and not get down from it. Make the most of it," Whorton says.

The SCHS Saints will play at Springville High School's football stadium next week.

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