Former Hoover, now Harvard football player seriously injured during first game

Ben Abercombie (right) and friend

Harvard football player Ben Abercrombie is in the hospital recovering after suffering a severe neck injury in his first game.

There is still no word if he will regain feeling in his limbs but doctors, family, and friends are hopeful.

Garrett Farquhar and Devin Cole are old teammates of former Hoover defensive back and outfielder Ben Abercrombie.

Abercrombie played in his first Harvard football game as a freshmen last weekend.

But a tackle gone wrong, he was taken off the field to the hospital, requiring emergency neck vertebrae surgery. It was a success.

But doctors are still unsure if or when he will regain feeling in his arms and legs.

On Tuesday, Cole says the Abercrombie family saw progress.

"They basically got him off that breathing machine to get him breathing and eating comfortably, and it's really helped him out. He's smiling," said Cole.

Abercrombie's friends say he's the type of person to pull though anything.

"He's one of the toughest guys I know," said Cole.

"He's always been there for me and always will be and it's time to be there for him," said Farquhar.

That's why they're asking for help, from whoever can give it.

"From anybody, anywhere - It doesn't have to be from Hoover, you know. Just prayers from everybody will help tremendously in making them feel better and also helping Ben out," said Cole.

"I miss you man, I know you're a real tough guy and I know you're going to get through this; I'm here to support you and pray for you. I pray for you every night," said Farquhar.

"I just hope you get better, and get back to the old Ben. You're my best friend," said Cole.

Right now funds are being raised for the family, as medical bills will be expensive.

These restaurants listed below will donated 10% of their September 25th profits to help Ben Abercrombie in his recovery:

Here is an email with other information on how to help the Abercrombie's:

After much hard work and consultation with Chris Degreen and Paul Sanford, we have a way to contribute for the benefit of Ben Abercrombie. This funding vehicle has been the result of a tremendous demand from the Hoover, Birmingham, and Harvard communities.Checks can be made out as follows:
Christ the King Lutheran Church
Please indicate c/o Ben Abercrombie Fund on the memo line of the check and mail or drop off the check to:
611 Riverchase Parkway West
Hoover, AL 35244
For those desiring an online method, the link below allows individuals to make online contributions to Christ the King Lutheran Church to benefit Ben in his recovery.
Pastor Chris Degreen will coordinate this effort to benefit Ben. Many, many thanks to Chris Degreen and his staff for their efforts.
By the END of the week, all Regions Bank offices will be able to accept monetary contributions to the Ben Abercrombie Fund. Many thanks to Brad Hayes and Paul Sanford for helping with this endeavor.
Please spread the word to help Ben and his family prepare for the long financial journey ahead. It is time to go to work with the same passion, zeal and determination as Ben has shown as an athlete, student,brother, son and friend! Let's go!
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