Former Moundville court clerk accused of stealing $135,000 from court

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A former Moundville court clerk is accused of stealing $135,449 from her own court system which may include tax dollars.

37-Year Rhonda Jean Wilson is under investigation by State Police after being accused of stealing more than a $135,000 from the Moundville Municipal Court.

She’s now out of the Hale County Jail, but was arrested Monday on charges of theft and using an official position for personal gain. Both are felonies.

But people who live in Moundville ABC 33/40 spoke to say she’s not out of hot water with them. Wade Sears is one resident who is not pleased. Sears says, ”It’s wrong. I just think it was wrong. It seems like to me it's not fair to the rest of the community of the people that live here."

Sears is in shock like many at the news.

Mayor Tony Lester says the municipal court system was abolished in 2014. However, he says Wilson continued on as an assistant to the city clerk until resigning in 2016.

Lester says he can’t talk about the investigation but gave us this statement. It reads as follows, “In an unfortunate thing like this, it’s tough. It affects families, children, and a lot of people in a small town.”

Sears follows up his sentiments time and time again. "Bottom line it’s wrong," says Sears.

The Alabama Special Bureau of Investigation began looking into it after the Moundville Police Chief asked them to and said funds were found to be missing after a routine audit.

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