Former NFL player and Alabama Sports Hall of Famer weighs in on NFL protests

NFL players kneeling

Protests across the nation Sunday, in football stadiums. All in response to remarks President Donald Trump made in Alabama Friday night. The president said NFL owners should fire players who kneel during the national anthem.

Dozens of players kneeled during the national anthem. Many others locked arms with each other in a show of solidarity. Coaches and Owners also locked arms with their players.

Former NFL players and coaches also weighed in on TV shows. Former NFL star Terry Bradshaw said every American has the right to protest.

Sunday evening we caught up with Al Del Greco who played for Auburn and then played 17 years in the NFL. He said, "should the President of the United States step into a situation like that? I'm not sure. I'm in agreement with that, but I've never been in agreement with the protest being during the national anthem either."

Del Greco said the national anthem has always been a sign of patriotism. "I used to love sitting there with my hand over my heart, I would say a little prayer at the end of the national anthem and it was just part of my routine." He said everyone should take part in that, so it's not the right moment for protest. "I have no issue with trying to bring this cause to light let's just do it in a way where you have a platform as an NFL athlete let's do it with something you wear on you let's do it during interviews."

Del Greco calls politics and sports a "bad marriage." Should politics be involved in professional sports or in college sports? Probably not a good idea to mix the two but it shows the popularity and the power that these players have to kinda get their point across."

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