Holly Pond man killed in Aurora shooting rememered as 'special young man'

    Josh Pinkard (pictured far right) is remembered in Holly Pond as a good man.

    An Alabama man was among one of the five people killed yesterday in a workplace shooting in suburban Chicago.

    The shooting happened at a manufacturing warehouse in Aurora, Illinois.

    Josh Pinkard was from Holly Pond in Cullman County, and was a plant manager.

    ABC 33/40 was in Holly Pond all day, and spoke to people who remember Pinkard for his positive attitude.

    One man says he watched Pinkard grow up into a great man and considers him to be just like a son.

    Brian Haynes, a Redan Missionary Baptist Church member, says Pinkard and his family attended their church for years.

    “Just a hard time. We are just trying to cope with all this. Sometimes you wonder why such a bad thing could happen to such a good person,” says Haynes.

    When Haynes learned about news of the shooting, his heart sunk.

    “A lot of doubt. I was hoping it wasn’t true. You’re never promised tomorrow. Broke our heart and we are still in disbelief,” says Haynes.

    According to Haynes, Pinkard moved up to Illinois in 2018 to take the job of plant manager.

    Haynes and other people call him a man of God who put faith first.

    “Very special young man. He was always positive and never said anything bad about anybody. Always stood for the Lord and he still has as an adult,” says Haynes.

    Now Haynes says he still can’t believe the husband and father of three young children is gone.

    “We camped together. We went and watched his sister and him play ball together. We was all part of a family. We supported them and they supported us. Just pray for them. Times are about to get hard. He was a great person,” says Haynes.

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