Charity's renovations may affect Gadsden neighborhood home values


A Gadsden organization is transforming houses in need of repair, but the restoration is two-fold.

By breathing new life into homes, the Gadsden Empowerment Initiative (GEI) can also help restore a neighborhood's home values. Its goal is to help elderly and disabled homeowners.

A couple of months ago, GEI renovated James Turner's Gadsden home, which he has lived in most of his life.

"You know, I struggled for a long time just trying to get some help," Turner said. "They painted my house, new screen door. They put in a drain."

Thomas Worthy is the Executive Director of the Gadsden Empowerment Initiative.

"The first home we put $4,700 in. The second home we put $5,300 in," Worthy said.

Renovations can improve the value of a house, Gadsden real estate experts say.

"If you're just looking at exterior painting and minor things, you know, it would bring [the home value] up somewhat," Susie Weems said, broker at Susie Weems Real Estate.

When it come to raising the value of other houses in the neighborhood, there are some conditions.

"If it's the lowest house, the lowest price range and the worst house on the street, it would be a pretty big improvement for the street," Weems explained.

However, if it's the only house that's been spruced up, surrounding properties are not likely to increase in value.

Gadsden realtors tell ABC 33/40 that price and location also come into play when determining the value of a house.

If you would like to make a donation to the Gadsden Empowerment Initiative you can send it to P.O. Box 1102, Gadsden, Alabama 35902.

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