'We drive 15 miles out of the way'; massive hole takes money out of pockets

    (Courtesy: Caryn Brown) Richardson SD road is so washed out one woman says she lost her job.

    Severe flooding has left a massive hole in one Walker County road that is affecting livelihood.

    People who live on Richardson Subdivision Road near Parrish say it left them stranded in their homes for days at the end of December.

    Now some say it is leaving a hole in their wallets.

    Flooding has made a literal wide spot in the road more than a headache. In fact, Rachel Thursby told ABC 33/40 it's been more of a migraine for her because the day rushing water washed out this part of Richardson SD Road she lost her job.

    Thursby says, "It pisses me off."

    Photos tell a frustrating story, according to Caryn Brown and Thursby.

    Brown told ABC 33/40, "This happens every time it rains heavy. It floods on this road."

    (Courtesy: Caryn Brown) Richardson SD road is so washed out one woman says she lost her job.

    Starting on December 28th, Thursby says no one could get out for three days because of flooding at both ends of the road.

    Right now she says she isn't currently receiving any income.

    "My husband is on disability," says Thursby.

    They say the road is so bad people who live on it need constant car repairs.

    Brown told ABC 33/40, "We're having to drive about 15 miles out of the way to get anywhere."

    (Courtesy: Caryn Brown) Neighbors told ABC 33/40 heavy rain causes flooding problems often in their neighborhood.

    Neighbors ABC 33/40 spoke to say a number of elderly people on the road went without necessary medications during the three day period.

    Walker County Commission Chairman Jerry Bishop says he is aware of the problem and that engineers are working on a more permanent solution.

    "My main concern is the school buses won't run, the garbage won't run, the mailman won't run," says Brown.

    For a county with low funding for road pavements at times Thursby isn't too pleased.

    "I know people say the reason our roads are not being paved is because this part of the county doesn't have tax money. That's not my fault. That's not her fault. That's not our neighbors' fault," Thursby says.

    Right now, Chairman Bishop says he does not have a timeline for when the road will be fixed.

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