Gadsden family stuck in St. John after Hurricane Irma

The Fleming family has been stuck at St. John since Hurricane Irma whipped through the Virgin Islands.

A Gadsden family is stuck in St. John after Hurricane Irma hit the U. S. Virgin Islands.

Milton Fleming, his wife and two kids were there for a wedding.

Bradford Buchanan, a close family friend, told ABC 33/40 they left Sunday morning, well before Hurricane Irma's arrival.

"About 10 o'clock yesterday morning, Milton said he was getting kind of worried and it was getting bad," Buchanan said. "That was two hours before the main part hit."

With no cell service or internet, some time passed before anyone heard from the family again.

But according to Buchanan, they are safe.

"They got in contact with Milton's mother after the storm passed and they were all safe," he said.

Still, Fleming's work community at the Gadsden Country Club is ready for the family to come home.

"It's a huge storm and they're on an island," Buchanan said.

Buchanan is in Gadsden taking care of Fleming's work while the family is gone, but their safety was always in the back of his mind.

"I knew they were in a solid framed house, so I figured they'd be okay," he said.

Now it's a waiting game for their arrival.

"Not sure when they can get a flight out of St. John , somebody said the earliest might be Thursday," Buchanan said. "But that's still going to be give or take."

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