Gator sighting reported on Logan Martin Lake

Alligator sightings have become more common in northern Alabama in recent years according to wildlife experts. (File |

An ABC 33/40 News viewer said this picture below captured an alligator along Logan Martin Lake.

It would not be the first time an alligator was spotted at the lake. Residents have reported sightings for years.

"It's kind of like you got snakes in your basement. You don't ever tell anybody," said John Brannon who has lived along the lake for 31 years.

State wildlife experts say reports of sightings in northern Alabama have become more common in recent years.

According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, "Nuisance alligators, or alligators that come to reside in places where humans live or swim, can pose a real danger when people feed them. Alligators are naturally leery of humans, but they will easily overcome their shyness if food is offered. The most dangerous alligators are those that have come to associate humans with a food source. Lethal attacks on humans by alligators are not common, but it does happen. Contrary to popular belief, attacks are generally not in defense of nesting areas or territory. Alligators generally handle these disputes with noisy aggressive displays. Most attacks on humans probably happen as the alligator hunts for food."

Efforts to confirm the sighting with Alabama Marine Police were not immediately successful. Alligators are still protected by law, but Alabama has a limited hunting program. If you come across an alligator you are encouraged to contact a local wildlife agency,.

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