Goodwater citizens want justice for 87-year-old man found dead

Virgil Chandler, 87, was found dead on Monday in Goodwater. People who live there say a good man was killed.

Goodwater residents want justice for an elderly man killed on Monday.

The State Bureau of Investigation says Thomas Virgil Chandler, 87, was found dead along County Road 7 and County Road 11.

An Alexander City couple is accused of killing Chandler. ABC 33/40 spoke with people in the small Coosa County city about Chandler's character.

Two diners will never seat their favorite customer again at Eddie's and Unique Barbeque. Donna Calhoun works at Eddie's where she says Chandler stopped by often for lunch.

Calhoun says was "torn and hurt" after hearing the news.

LaDaniel Tuck and LaToni Daniel were arrested for Chandler's death. The SBI tells us robbery appears to be the motive behind his death.

Calhoun says he was always in good spirits.

"He would crack jokes when he came into eat," Calhoun explained. "[He] just liked to shoot the bull, eat his hamburger and his onion rings, then go on.”

Lisa Latham used to see him walk through the doors of Unique Barbeque from time to time.

Latham said, ”He would always ask how your day is going. Just real sweet, and a real kind man.”

Both wonder why something like this happened.

Latham suspects it was because he was defenseless.

”To know someone would want to hurt someone of that age, it hurts," explained Calhoun.

The arrests were a result of a combined investigative effort by Goodwater Police, the Coosa County Sheriff's Office and the SBI.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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