Local bookstore's display too vulgar for children, grandmother complains

A display of book titles with curse words at the Trussville Books-A-Million (

A Trussville Books-A-Million's questionably-located display had one shopper booking it for the door.

"As far as I'm concerned, [the books] shouldn't even be in there," said Charlene Scharf.

Scharf has two (soon-to-be three) grandchildren and was hoping to find books to bolster their path to a strong education. Instead, she was shocked to find obscene book covers adjacent to the summer reading section for children.

"It was vulgar, very vulgar," said Scharf.

ABC 33/40 cannot show the titles due to graphic language, including the F-word. The grandmother believes the titles could be found "in an adult bookstore that dwells on filth."

According to Scharf, store representatives admitted the mistake to her friend, saying the books were misplaced.

"It was a big mistake, and I'll just say this, I will not subject myself to the possibility of it happening again," said Scharf.

ABC 33/40's crews visited the bookstore, where the display has since been taken down. Books-A-Million corporate representatives have yet to comment to ABC 33/40 on the vulgar display.

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