Landlord refusing to address mold, mushrooms plaguing Center Point apartment

Davicia Harris says her apartment has mushrooms and mold growing in it and the landlord is refusing to fix the problem.

A Center Point apartment is growing mushrooms and mold, and the landlord is refusing to fix the problem.

Davicia Harris tells ABC 33/40's Amber Grigley she's worked with her landlord to get this resolved. But at this point, she has exhausted all resources and it is affecting her children.

Harris says the back-and-forth has been going on for a couple of months. She says she's heard every excuse there is, and she wants something done right away.

"Maintenance is not being kept up in these apartments, but rent is still being expected to be paid. It's not right," said Harris.

Harris says it has been a nightmare since she moved to Woodside Condos.

"It's real hard," said Harris.

For health concerns, Harris had to move her children to Oxford with her parents. That's because just to be inside of her apartment, a mask is required.

Her ceiling fell in, so her apartment floods during rainstorms, contributing to mold and mildew growth.

"I feel like Mr. Ken knew that there was mold in that apartment from the beginning, and he just doesn't care," Harris groans.

Harris says she asked her landlord to move her to a new apartment and replace her damaged belongings.

Amber Grigley took these concerns to landlord Kenneth Haeuser, who responded, "There's nothing I can do for her. I told her to try to find another place to move to. I just can't find her one of my apartments."

He also says there was a setback with the contractors in getting a permit to fix the building. Now that the contractors have a permit, they can start on Harris' apartment, which he says should be resolved in a few weeks.

But Harris says that is not enough.

"My advice to Mr. Ken is to come live in here and I want to see how he does, how he feels about this," said Harris.

The contractors started repairing the roof today. Grigley was told once the roof is complete, the apartment is next. Haeuser advised Harris to stay at a hotel during this time, but she says that is an option she cannot afford.

ABC 33/40 will continue to stay on top of this story.

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