Hair loss patients find hope in new treatment using their blood.

New hope for hair loss treatment

Gail Davis gets emotional.. as she looks at pictures of a bald spot on the top of her head after three years of hair loss.

Davis says, "I never thought it would come back."

A photo on her phone shows her hair receding in the front.

She went to Nova Essence Medispa in October 2015.

Dr. Nova Law diagnosed Davis with female androgenetic alopecia... in other words female pattern baldness.

But, she also noticed something else.

Dr. Law says, "Her scalp was full of fungus."

Fungus, Law says, was accelerating her hair loss.

Dr. Law says there's now hope of hair re-growth with a new procedure that uses platelet rich plasma or PRP from the patient's own blood.

She says, "It has growth factors that stimulate your own body to regenerate tissue... tissue healing."

So, whether hair thinning or loss is attributed to hormones, age, or your family genes, Dr. Law says her PRP treatment turns back the clock for women, as well as men, if treated early.

Charles Lynn want to stop losing hair.

Lynn says, "I felt I would have hair all my life. When I saw it thinning out, was not happy about that."

The 71 year old is here for a second platelet rich plasma hair treatment.

Here's how it goes. A tube of blood drawn from his arm is placed in this machine. It spins, and separates the platelets from blood.

Dr. Law runs a micro-roller of needles across his scalp.

She says, "I'm putting holes in his scalp which will supply the nutrients and oxygen to make his hair grow even more."

Then, the platelet rich plasma.

Dr. Law rubs it in to the hair follicles.

Then, activated platelets are injected with a needle underneath the hair follicle and scalp that's already numb.

Dr. Law says, "The hair that's there will again get thicker, darker, fuller."

From here, Charles Lynn waits to see what happens and returns in four to six weeks.

Now, back to Gail Davis who regained confidence after now knowing hair re-growth is possible after dramatic hair loss.

The 63 year old underwent her first re-growth treatment four months ago and the second in January this year.

Davis says, "I am seeing results. It is thickening up and I'm happy about that."

The PRP hair treatment costs about $1500.

Dr. Law strongly promotes vitamins, biotin hair products and laser light therapy for re-growth and anti-hair loss.

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