Heated hallway: Moore supporters argue with reporters after faith rally

Reporters and Moore supporters clash following a faith rally in Birmingham, Alabama. (Lauren Walsh | abc3340.com)

A group of faith leaders, hailing from New York to Florida, took a stand in Birmingham Wednesday afternoon for GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Dr. Alan Keyes, a conservative political pundit, opened the news conference with a prayer.

More than an hour later, Roy Moore came to the microphone:

Many of you have recognized that this is an effort by Mitch McConnell and his cronies to steal the election from the people of Alabama, and they will not stand for it. They overcame $30 million and voted me in the primary...and now they're trying a different tactic.

Moore said it was time to get back to the issues of the campaign, and the event organizer Janet Porter attempted to steer the conversation with media to campaign issue questions.

Moore and his wife walked out after the media asked questions about the allegations made against Moore.

Porter ended the event by telling members of the media they had probably received "more church this afternoon than [they had] in the last ten years."

Chaos broke out in the hallway, as faith leaders dodged questions related to Moore's character and the recent sexual misconduct allegations.

ABC 33/40's Lauren Walsh spoke with attendee Flip Benham, leader of the North Carolina pro-life group "Operation Save America:"

"Sir, I'm an Alabama reporter; I live in Birmingham. And, we haven't had a chance to ask our Senate candidate questions all week."

Benham responded, "Well I'm sorry about that, but you could probably imagine why, couldn't you?"

Walsh said no, continuing "We should be able to ask our candidate questions."

Benham said, "What you'd like to do is bury him. And why? What did he do?"


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