Heaters seeing their first action this weekend

Before switching the heater on, take the proper precautions to avoid a headache. (MGN)

For Kristine Tripp and her husband Tyler Kimbrel, the upcoming weather has been keeping them busy. Kimbrel owns Tree Man. One of their specialties is providing firewood. In the past week, they have made nearly $2,500 on their firewood sales. That is more than the young business made all of last year.

"It is great for saving money, trying to get ahead and getting ready for Christmas," Tripp said. "Thanksgiving is coming up. You have got family members, and it helps us out a lot."

Miles down the road in Birmingham, the phone at Standard Air, Plumbing and Insulation has been ringing constantly for technicians to make sure customers' heaters are in good working order. Porter Hutto with Standard Air, Plumbing and Insulation said they estimate having as many as 300 to 400 phone calls by midday on Monday. Hutto recommends having your system checked before heating and cooling season. He said they normally start checking heaters as early as Labor Day. He said early preventive care can save customers from waiting to get service as well as waiting for any parts they might need.

"If a system is not moving the proper air flow, it will simply run longer to do the same job for you," Hutto said. "t=The longer it runs, the more it costs."

Some recommendations before you turn the heater on for the first time:

  • The smell from the first time the heater is turned on is merely residue burning off
  • Clean and change your air filters regularly, as well as having other equipment cleaned
  • Check to make sure the carbon monoxide detector and thermostat are in working order
  • Looking for leaks around windows and doors
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