Heidi Cruz visits Hoover, files papers for husband to enter Alabama Republican primary

Heidi Cruz (Left) presents Alabama GOP Chairwoman Terry Lathan (Middle) with forms completing Ted Cruz's entrance into the Alabama Republican Primary. (Stephen Quinn/WBMA)

Armed with a $10,000 check and a list of signatures, Heidi Cruz entered the Alabama GOP headquarters in Hoover on Wednesday to officially make her husband a candidate in the 2016 primary. Combined the two items are a sign of the grassroots organization she hopes will propel her husband to success when primaries begin in southern states next spring.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, a favorite among the Tea Party and evangelical voters has received renewed attention following last week's Republican debate. Cruz has made a point not to openly criticize other Republican candidates but his wife appeared to take a dig at Senator Marco Rubio's voting record as a candidate saying, "Ted has maintained his voting record at the same time in the Senate which means a lot of travel. He's doing both his day job and campaigning."

Cruz will have to outlast 14 other candidates seeking the party nomination. Some candidates are expected to inevitably withdraw by the Alabama primary but a crowded field could affect the impact of a primary victory. If a candidate receives less than 50 percent of the vote, state delegates are awarded proportionately to candidates who receives more than 20 percent of the vote. "One size fits all may not be applicable and I think really in America it shouldn't be. We should listen to everyone. We should hear them all out. At the end of the day however there will be a decision made," said Alabama Republican Party Chairwoman Terry Lathan. Cruz is one of seven candidates who have qualified as a Republican candidate for President. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is expected to add his name to the list on Thursday.

Heidi Cruz left Hoover for scheduled campaign stops in Montgomery and Mobile before returning to Texas on Thursday.

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