Help on the way for Floridians still rebuilding after Hurricane Michael

    Hurricane Micheal escape with bare necessities --hoping for help as they move forward.

    Many along the Florida panhandle are sleeping in tent cities on just the items they managed to salvage from their homes in the destruction of Hurricane Michael. ABC 33/40 recently revisited the hurricane ravaged area.

    Right now, an effort is underway to make sure people still devastated by Hurricane Michael can have the gift of comfort for the holidays. Inside the boxes and bins crowding the garage of Brenda Gustin's Hoover home are items like air mattresses, blankets, pillows, and other necessities. She is now coordinating local donations and recently visited Panama City. She says she simply was not prepared for the dire conditions she saw.

    "Children are still sleeping on the ground in tents," she recalled from her trip to the area just before Thanksgiving. "They didn’t have air mattresses and if they did have air mattresses, some of them were green from mold, because they had brought them from their house.”

    She organized a group from her neighborhood to adopt twelve Panama City families through an organization called Hope Panhandle Florida. Brenda and her crew will make the deliveries themselves to the organization, which will distribute the resources as they deem necessary.

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