Student's classical voice is taking her to Carnegie Hall, after just 18 months of training

    Elizabeth Hanje was one of 2 local students selected to sing with the Honor's Performance Series at Carnegie Hall in New York. (photo by Wendell Edwards)

    Elizabeth Hanje admits she's nervous and scared.

    But she's also excited.

    The 16-year-old junior at Vestavia Hills High School is going to New York to sing. She was selected to sing with the Honor's Performance Series at Carnegie Hall.

    What makes this even more remarkable? She only started classical voice training 18 months ago.

    "In my 20 year teaching career, I have not seen this level, this young," said her voice coach Heather Batey. She heard Elizabeth sing and encouraged her to submit an audition tape. "Usually students this far along have been studying for 4 or more years at least."

    Batey describes Elizabeth's voice as rich and mature beyond her age.

    Elizabeth just loves to sing and understands the significance of making this choir.

    "I'm going to be in a choir with some of the best singers that I could ever be around," she said. "I'm really nervous about that, but also excited because I get to meet people who are as passionate about singing as I am."

    To fund the trip, Elizabeth and her parents set up a GoFundMe page --

    The goal is to raise $4,500 -- enough so she and her mom can afford the cost of the trip.

    Elizabeth says singing is her passion now. She just wants to share it.

    "I just want to perform really," she said. "When I see myself in the future. I just see myself performing. I just love performing. I just love singing."

    Alyce Voisan from Oak Mountain High School was also selected for the Honors Performance Series Choir.

    The series is Feb. 7th-11th in New York.

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