Holt senior center temporarily closed, will reopen Monday


    In Tuscaloosa County, a senior center closed its doors just six months after it opened. People were surprised to find the doors locked when they got there. But, the closure is temporary.

    Executive Director of Tuscaloosa County Focus on Senior Citizens Morgan Mann said the county commission agreed to close the center's doors for maintenance and training.

    The center is set to reopen Monday.

    "When we opened up first, we didn't know exactly how everything was going to go," Senior Antonio Donald said, "Everything is going so well now, we had to reconstruct everything we started with."

    Mann said the center has something for everyone, drawing people from all over the city of Tuscaloosa. So many senior visits, organizers are considering extending its hours.

    "It's close proximity to a lot of senior citizens in Holt, we want them to feel comfortable and that they're welcome at any time."

    Mann said they tried notifying as many seniors as they could in advance about the closure.

    Regulars at the center can visit any other Focus facility in Tuscaloosa County free of charge.

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