Homewood police investigate I-65 shooting, possible link to other random shootings

Homewood Police say the teenagers in this car reported being shot at Wednesday night as they were merging onto I-65. (Stephen Quinn | abc3340.com)

Update (1/11) : Sergeant Carr tells ABC 33/40 that Homewood Police are using license plate reading technology, which they have used since 2016 to try and get a hit on the vehicle. They will also be pulling footage from some businesses in that area, and will have increased patrols on their portion of I-65.

Homewood Police confirmed they were investigating the report of a random shooting of a car Wednesday night along Interstate 65 at Lakeshore Boulevard.

The teenage girls who were inside the car tell ABC 33/40 News they were merging onto the interstate when the driver of a car behind them fired multiple shots at them.

"I really thought that he had hit us. I didn't know that we was shooting. Like who shoots in people's car on the freeway?"

The sisters said they sped off before exiting the interstate and calling police. The shooting was reported around 11:30 p.m. according to police. The girls asked their names not be reported for fear of possible retribution for speaking publicly about what happened.

"They're probably not happy with life or just mad because they couldn't get over (into the other lane) but that's not nothing to be mad about...that mad to shoot."

The girls said the shooter appeared to be driving a black Nissan. They believe the shooting was random. One bullet, which entered from the trunk and went through the front windshield, came close enough to tear a hole in one sister's coat they said.

Homewood Police were not able to recover the bullet from the car. Investigators have not determined a possible motive for the shooting.

The description of the car is notable because it is similar to the one given in a shooting last week on Old Springville Road in Jefferson County. Lajonia Jefferson said she was stopped at a traffic light on January 3rd when a car pulled up behind her and started shooting. Jefferson's 14-year-old daughter was grazed by a bullet in the shooting.

Homewood Police was aware of the similarities. Detectives were sharing information with other agencies at the Metro Area Crime Center said Sgt. John Carr. No definitive link has been made and the case remained a random shooting investigation as of Thursday afternoon.

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