Family of Hoover 5-year-old attacked by dog searching for owner

If you recognize these people or dogs, please contact Abigail Thomas at

One Hoover family is searching for a dog owner, after they said the dog attacked their five year old son at Loch Haven Park.

Abigail Thomas explains her husband took their son to the Hoover dog park on Sunday, when her son Lucas was attacked.

“They were playing in the water,” she explained. “Lucas was splashing around in the water up to his knees and this dog came up to them, about 15 feet away and was not on a leash, the dog came up and bit him on the ribs, started shaking him, did not let go until Martin pulled the dog off.”

The attack sparked both panic and anger.

“First was panic that my little boy had been bitten by a dog,” Thomas said. “I didn’t know how bad it was but, and then it was anger, really mad anyone would let that happen and that the dog was able to do that off the leash.”

Thomas expects Lucas to recover physically, but he's getting rabies shots since she says the dog's owner would not provide proof of vaccinations or contact information.

Her family is now spreading a picture taken after the attack, in hopes of finding the owner.

“I hope the owners can just come forward and say it was their dog, give us any information about the dog,” she said.

Hoover Police Department confirms it did file a report, but it also has no information about the owner.

Lt. Keith Czeskleba says it is possible for the owner to face charges in municipal court for violating the city's ordinance which prohibits having vicious animals in Hoover.

People who frequent the park also say they want this owner to take responsibility.

“It’s kind of like we look at our dogs as our children,” said Joanna Myers. “So if someone has a problem you child may have caused to them, you got to fix it.”

Thomas wants anyone with information about the attack, or the dog’s owner to contact her at

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