Hoover discusses raising sewer rates in community meetings


Hoover is looking for a way to pay for millions of dollars in needed upgrades for its sewer system.

While most Hoover residents use the Jefferson County sewer system, about 5,000 people in the Riverchase and Inverness areas rely on the city’s system.

City Administrator Allan Rice says $7.5 million worth of work is needed over the next 5 years.

“Our sewer system is bringing in enough revenue to operate itself but it’s not bringing in enough money to do long term upgrades and repairs,” said Rice. “So, we’ve been explaining it, if you own a car, you can afford gas and insurance but you can’t afford any maintenance that goes along with that and that’s the position we’re in.”

There is an option to sell, but Rice says Mayor Frank Brocato is opposed to that idea.

Rice notes Hoover hasn’t raised sewer rates in 14 years.

Rice says the city wants to keep its system self sufficient to keep only the users paying for the needs.

“The remainder of Hoover is already paying their sewer bill and their system is being maintained properly by Jefferson County,” said Rice. “We have the obligation to make sure the system we own is self-sufficient as well.”

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