Hoover residents are waiting to be saved from flooding by city council

Hoover Flooding

Hoover residents say they need help when it comes to their terrible flooding problem.

The attached video shows flood water pouring out of what Rick Strawn says is a city drainage system behind his home on Loch Haven Drive in Hoover.

"All of these people are having problems and also it's a big issue that blocks out four-hundred-people that live at the top of this hill," said Strawn.

Strawn says it's an issue not only because of the torn down fences and property damage, but the road affected is the only way in or out, and when it floods, it makes it impossible to safely cross.

"There's kids that actually walk through this trail right here when they get off the bus, if that happens at a time like that I mean what are they going to do.

Strawn acknowledges he lives in a flood plain, but says this isn't a problem with a backup or pooling. This comes only with a heavy rain because the drainage system isn't large enough.

Hoover City Council member Mike Shaw said the council has received dozens of calls about similar problems recently, but said they don't have a set policy in place on how to handle the drainage issues.

"If it's an obligation obviously I feel like we should always fulfill our obligations but in areas that are a little more grey areas when it comes to public good, we need to have a more sound policy I believe," said council member Mike Shaw.

According to public record, the mayors office has proposed a policy to be adopted by the council.

It essentially says decisions of repair or improvement will be made by the council on a case by case basis.

One of the items in the policy however does state that if the city has accepted perpetual maintenance of the drainage area at issue, they will repair damage concerns.

"At least several times, they've come and parked right here and taken bulldozers back there and cleaned it out; there's a couple of culverts back there that get clogged up and they've cleaned that out, so the city maintains it, so I assume they own it or have responsibility for it," said Strawn.

The council has not adopted the mayors policy but will be discussing a policy soon.

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