Hoover school bus driver's DUI charge could be dismissed in plea agreement

Mark Pierce was arrested for a DUI Wednesday evening after crashing a school bus into a ravine.(WBMA)

New details have emerged in a case involving a former Hoover school bus driver who drove into a ravine in late January.

Jefferson County District Attorney Mike Anderton is conducting an internal investigation regarding a plea agreement for former Hoover school bus driver Mark Pierce who was charged with DUI.

Anderton, who is personally investigating the case, wants to see if the facts support the plea agreement.

Pierce was charged with a blood alcohol level of .14, which is more than three times the legal limit for someone driving a commercial vehicle.

No children were on the bus when Pierce drove into a wooded ravine on Interstate 65 North near Acton Road, but parents expressed outrage after the crash. Pierce was fired in a unanimous school board decision two days after the incident.

According to court documents, if Pierce completes all of the requirements of the Jefferson County DUI-deferred prosecution program, the DUI charge against him will be dismissed after court costs are paid. That program involves completing drug education classes, an eight-hour defense driving course, and submitting random drug tests.

Anderton says he was not aware of the plea agreement, which was agreed to by an Assistant District Attorney in March. Anderton wants to ensure Pierce's case fits the rules and regulations for the DUI-deferred program.

Anderton's investigation should be concluded within a few days.

Pierce's lawyer refrained from commenting on these developments.

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