Hoover tax increase is helping to keep sales tax numbers steady

    Hoover sales tax sheet

    The City of Hoover has been struggling to find a strategy when it comes to keeping sales tax revenue at numbers they're comfortable with.

    City officials say they've seen lower than usual sales tax revenue because of what they call the Amazon affect.

    Toward the end of 2018, the officer-involved shooting at the Galleria Mall on Thanksgiving night impacted sales as well.

    Melanie Posey, with the City of Hoover, says sales dropped briefly, but normalized two weeks before Christmas.

    City Council member Mike Shaw says the numbers aren't anything to be alarmed about, and is part of a trend they've been witnessing for years.

    However, when it comes to this years sales tax numbers, Shaw says while preliminary, they appear lower than the last.

    One thing holding that revenue up, according to Shaw, is an increase in funds coming in from other fees, and taxes the city collects and the half-cent increase established in October 2018.

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