Houston resident comes to Alabama to escape Harvey

Flooding from Hurricane Harvey

A deluge of rain from now tropical storm Harvey has brought catastrophic flooding to Houston, Texas. "It's very scary it makes my stomach hurt to think about it too much," says Houston resident Lisa Tatum.

Friday Tatum flew to Alabama to stay with her parents and get away from the storm. Now she's watching from afar as her city is underwater. "Seeing the things on Facebook, all the things my friends are posting on Facebook, it's scary, it's real and there's so much water everywhere and I'm so worried for all my friends that are there."

As a teacher at a school, she's also worried about her students. "There's already been word that water has gone into our commons and our cafeteria so I can imagine if it's coming into our building it's coming into their homes."

Her school is now closed until at least the day after Labor Day. She doesn't think she'll be able to get home until next week.

"I feel like I'm one of the lucky ones because I'm here and it's obviously dry and my friends are dealing with cabin fever and gallons and gallons and feet of rain." Now Tatum just wants everyone to think of Texas. "Keep praying for the people of Texas they need a lot of help."

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